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Sunday, May 24, 1998

Sports Editorial

For those who think baseball isn't fun and exciting anymore, you should have been watching the Texas Rangers this week on television.

Three consecutive games in which the Rangers have captured come-from-behind victories in their final at-bat this week is about as good as it gets.

Equally important, the Rangers seem to be having fun. They smile, they laugh, they never give up. They are playing good baseball. Texas manager Johnny Oates seemingly has developed a tremendous team spirit and camaraderie.

No one can dispute baseball players are overpaid today. But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy the game and have fun getting paid to play a little boy's game. The Rangers are proof of that this year.

If they keep playing the way they are right now, this is going to be a fun summer that will last all the way until October.

Professional baseball on the minor league level also begins this week. The Abilene Prairie Dogs open their fourth season tonight in Amarillo. Their home opener is Thursday at Scott Field against the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings.

The Texas-Louisiana Professional Baseball League is filled with players who continue to play for the fun -- not the big money -- of the game.

There is not a more relaxing and pleasant way to spend a summer evening in Abilene than at the ballpark watching the Prairie Dogs. If you haven't provided yourself that treat, do so this summer. You'll enjoy it.

Baseball is still fun, despite what the naysayers want you to believe.

-- Al Pickett

Sports Editor


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