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Friday, January 30, 1998

Gunman's body found; other family members' bodies discovered

GRANBURY, Texas (AP) -- The bodies of four slain family members have been discovered in various locations by Hood County authorities.

Authorities said they first found the bodies of Donald Wayne Martin's wife and stepson Wednesday night in the family's home.

Martin, 51, was sought in the shooting deaths of his wife, Patricia, and 19-year-old stepson, Chris Cadwell, authorities said. Officials said they then later discovered Martin's body in his minivan. Police believe Martin died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Along with Martin's body, authorities said they found a tape made by Martin about his actions.

After discovering Martin's body, authorities found his stepdaughter's body along a rural gravel road.

Officials said 14-year-old Ashley Foster was the first to be killed.

Authorities said Martin picked Miss Foster up at school and shot her in the back of the head before returning to his home where he shot his stepson in the bedroom and his wife in the garage.

"The wife was going to leave and he just didn't want her to leave," Hood County District Attorney Richard Hattox said. "Life wasn't worth living without her there."

Martin's stepson, 17-year-old Carlos Ortiz, was the only member to survive the incident. Ortiz stayed late at school Wednesday.

"This is law enforcement's worst nightmare because we do have mechanisms in place to try to help families in situations like these," Hattox said. "Our suspect was very controlling, very angry, very hostile toward the children. And the strain in the relationship because of the children was causing the marriage to break up."

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