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August 13, 1999

Lingering injury could end Beau Morgan's roster bid

By Jeff Caplan
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Dallas Cowboys coach Chan Gailey wants to give Beau Morgan every opportunity to make this club. The versatility the former Air Force all-conference wishbone quarterback brings provides plenty of intriguing possibilities in various Gailey schemes.

All of a sudden, however, a lingering injury to the second toe on his left foot has put Morgan's potential pro career on indefinite hiatus. It has Morgan and Gailey frustrated.

Morgan spent Thursday in Dallas and was examined by Dr. Gene Curry, who diagnosed the injury as a sprained second toe, Cowboys trainer Jim Maurer said. Morgan, who injured the toe on Aug. 1, is expected to be out one to two weeks.

The injury is considered unusual, but not as bad as a sprain to the big toe as in cornerback Deion Sanders' case, Maurer said.
“There is no one more frustrated right now than Beau,” Gailey said.

The Cowboys want to give the undersized Morgan, who won two private-school state championships as quarterback at Trinity Christian-Addison, every opportunity to make the final roster. Gailey loves his grit and competitiveness, plus all the interesting options a small but strong former option quarterback can provide out of the backfield, albeit in limited scenarios.

Morgan's career is now relegated to a strict timeline. If he can get healthy and return to practice, he can still make the squad. Gailey did not rule out a slim chance that Morgan will find a roster spot if he is not healthy, but he said it would be extremely difficult.

“I don't think anybody that's not been on this team and hadn't proven himself in the NFL can make it on just what they did in camp a year or so ago,” said Gailey, referring to Morgan's time at camp the last two years while serving out his commitment to the Air Force. “I think you have to show it on the field. But, don't hold me to that.”

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