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Saturday, September 6, 1997

Officer's web site under investigation, pulled off Internet

AUSTIN (AP) - The University of Texas police department is reviewing an Internet web site that was maintained by one of its officers, who arrested Longhorns football star Ricky Williams earlier this week.

The Austin American-Statesman on Friday reported that officer Eric Poteet maintained the site, Eric's One-Stop Cop Shop, that included a page called "The Nightstalker Files."

Poteet's introduction to the page said, "The stories you are about to read are TRUE. No names have been changed to protect the innocent because there are not enough innocents to protect."

It included accounts of arrests and observations of the people Poteet came across while on the job. The officer was suspended by UT after the Monday arrest.

The web site, maintained on a UT computer system, was no longer on the Internet Friday. Poteet did not respond to a call or an electronic message from The Associated Press.

University officials who oversee the computer system where the web site was located said they did not remove it.

"I would love to give my side, but am awaiting advice of counsel before I release a statement," Poteet wrote to the American-Statesman via electronic mail. "I will say in my own defense that the media is getting only a tiny filtered piece of the whole story."

The Travis County Attorney's office on Wednesday dropped a misdemeanor charge against Williams that he failed to identify himself to Poteet during a routine traffic stop.

According to Poteet's arrest report, Williams was pulled over for running a stop sign. Williams did not have his driver's license. He told Poteet his name was Ricky Lynne Williams.

Poteet arrested Williams after finding his name is listed as Errick Lynne Williams on his car registration and driver's license.

UT Police Chief Donald Cannon said the web site will be studied as the internal affairs department investigates Poteet and how he handled Williams' arrest.

"This web site is certainly not condoned by the University of Texas police department," Cannon said.Send a Letter to the Editor about This Story | Start or Join A Discussion about This Story
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